Minute Taking

Course Duration:  1 Day


Course Aims


Minutes are not a transcript of all that’s said during a meeting, but a summary of the main points that attendees discuss and the subsequent action points agreed.  The workshop covers the responsibilities of the note taker from assisting with the production of an agenda, taking notes during the meeting and production of clear and structured minutes.  We also discuss the role of the minute taker working successfully with the chairperson and the development of personal note taking techniques.  



Course Outline


  • Purpose And Benefits of Meetings
  • Why Meetings Fail?
  • Understand The Role of The Minute Taker
  • Working Effectively with The Chair
  • Improve Listening - (Active vs Passive Listening)
  • Summarising
  • Grammar Refresher
  • Agenda Layout
  • Developing and Applying Personal Note Taking Techniques
  • Taking Minutes – Practical Exercises
  • Minutes Document Layout

This course is designed for those responsible for taking and preparing minutes in the workplace.  Attendees will have the opportunity to develop their skill and confidence in note taking and produce minutes through practical exercises.